When we were deciding on a name for our agency we knew we wouldn’t settle on just anything. We had to choose a name that represents why we do what we do and who we are as people. My father (as seen in the photo taken by the Clare Champion) is a craftsman and blacksmith who is known around Ireland for his trade, for his teaching and for being part of keeping forgotten crafts alive. In many ways we hold that same craftsmanship dear to our hearts, there’s that same level of skill required with code and design as with a hammer and tongs.

Kraft for us represents mastering our trade as modern craftspeople almost exactly like how my father does in a more traditional sense. For him it’s using reclaimed materials to create functional artworks, for us it’s using tailor made content to produce in a sense, digital artworks. Digitalisation has a tendency to feel impersonal, a tendency to strip away the authenticity that that our personalities and businesses are founded on.

That’s why we’ve made it our mission to build humanity and authenticity into the work we do at Kraft. Just because we provide digital solutions doesn’t mean for a moment we should lose the personality of it all. That’s what Kraft means to us.