Do you want to attract new customers to your plastic surgery practice but don’t think digital marketing is the way to do it?

Well you might just be wrong there.

Or perhaps, you want to use digital marketing. You just have no idea where to start.

Either way, I’m going to to show you exactly how to attract new customers and why using digital marketing is a must.

Let’s face it. We are living in a digital era. Almost everything is now conducted online.

Did you know that Google concocts over 3.5 billion searches every single day! That averages out to roughly 40,000 per second. (Oberlo)

More and more people are looking for surgical enhancements. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, a whopping $16.7 billion was spent on cosmetic surgeries in 2019. (American Society of Plastic Surgeons)

It’s simple, people are online, and that’s where you need to be.

And yes, specialized plastic surgery marketing is a thing.

Think about it, if people want to find something local, be it a coffee shop or plastic surgery practice, where do they look?

They go online. Whether its through social media or search engines. In fact, that’s where potential customers do their homework.

The great thing about the internet is that it allows you to reach potential prospects globally.

That’s why having an effective marketing plan and strategy is essential for your your practices growth.

And if done right, it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg.

Here’s how you can get started.

What is plastic surgery marketing?

Plastic surgery marketing is exactly what it sounds like. It’s about using marketing strategies that will help you attract new patients to your surgery’s practice.

Most clients start their research phase online. Not only are they looking for a great surgeon, but they are looking for quality and trustworthiness.

Research shows people are more likely to go with a brand that has a robust online presence.

They look at everything from your social media presence to your website, brand tone, landing pages and more.

These are all things they take into consideration before they even consider calling you or booking a consultation.

So, you need to ensure that all your entire online presence is up to date and on point.

Here’s how to do it!

Make sure your website is up to date!

Think of your website as the hub of your marketing strategy. After all, your website will be the place where new clients are likely to make their first interaction and ultimately the decision to choose you or not.

Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to showcase all your procedures and services in great detail.

In simple terms. The better your website performs, the higher Google will rank you.

A lot of that performance now revolves around some recent changes to the Google algorithm and there are quite a few things to consider when it comes to ranking high in search engines.

4 things Google looks for

Google Core Web Vitals:

Google recently launched this initiative to give marketers and business owners a guideline as to what signals to them your website is giving users a great experience.

It focuses on three “core” things.

Loading… How fast does your page load?

Did you know that it only takes three seconds for a visitor to decide if they will stay on your website? That’s right. You only have three seconds to gain their attention. If they click off, it’s unlikely that they will come back again.


This metric translates the responsiveness of your website. Let’s say a new client visits your website and fills out a consultation form. How long does it take for your site to process this form?

Just remember, if a user is filling out out a form or interacting with your website in any way, chances are they’re interested in what you have to offer. Don’t lose them at the finish line because it takes to long to process that action.


This one is pretty straightforward and self-explanatory.

It’s about visual stability.

How many times have you been on a website, found something interesting, only to get a pop-up button that takes you to a completely different page? Then you can’t find what you were interested in, in the first place.

Annoying, isn’t it?

If a user is reading something interesting on your website, the last thing they want is pop-ups, ads, buttons etc., these are all tell-tale signs of a bad on-page experience.

Your users won’t like it, and neither will Google.

If you want any chance of ranking high on Google, these Core Web Vitals must be applied.

A site audit will tell you exactly what issues you need fix and what you can improve. You can get a FREE digital audit right here

Get Blogging

Once you’ve made sure that your website offers the best user experience, you need to make sure your content of high value!

Blogs have proven time and time again that they are an effective way of marketing.

Even for plastic surgery clinics, because when people are in the research phase, they are going to want to know a lot of information about a specific procedure.

And they usually turn to blogs for such information.

Your blog is a great way to educate your clients on all the procedures you offer.

You have the opportunity to explain in detail everything they could want to know, from the first consultation to recovery.

Besides the educational purposes you can offer, it bodes well for your search engine ranking.

Blogging can increase your SEO because the content is indexable. When you use SEO for plastic surgeons, keywords and terms relevant to medical SEO, people will find your website easier.

It’s a powerful way to not only provide information but to differentiate yourself and showcase your expertise. It’s a real opportunity to get into detail about why they should choose you. Remember, people are looking for professionalism, quality and safety.

Tip: mix up your content, don’t just talk about procedures. Talk about your clinic, equipment, routines etc. You can even speak about the future of medicine as a whole to show that you’re thinking ahead.

You don’t have to write it yourself. Luckily, many writers and freelance writers can deliver the content you need at very reasonable rates. However, it’s always good to put some time into making sure the content is 100% factual and not in any way misleading.

Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways to attract new clients. Writing content for another website or ‘guest blogging’ can work wonders for your SEO, credibility and traffic.

Create an authentic Social Media presence

Social media has been a game-changer for brands and their marketing.

Don’t be fooled though! If you’re content is super generic and impersonal you’ll end up wasting time and investment.

Think of this way… Forget doing 1,000 posts showing ‘what’ you (which gets a measly 0-3 likes) and instead you should think about creating 1 incredible story-driven video showing someone’s transformation journey.

You need to tell an authentic story and if you do that, you’ll capture inspiration from your followers.

Furthermore, Instagram in particular, has been remarkable for plastic surgeons.


Because Instagram’s platform is based on visual content. Plastic surgeons have been able to showcase their work by posting videos and before and after shots of procedures.

People get to see your work first hand, and it’s a brilliant opportunity to engage with your followers.

Many plastic surgeons do a live Q&A, post stories and stay engaged with their followers using Instagram.

When you prioritise engaging with potential new clients on social media, you are building trust before they even walk through your clinics’ doors.

Also, influencers and vloggers who are open about their cosmetic procedures, tend to bring their followers along with them on their journey. This is a golden opportunity for plastic surgeons because people get to the journey from start to finish.

Create loyalty programs

A happy customer turns into a loyal one.

Repeat clients actually spend more than new ones, and that goes for most industries.

Word of mouth marketing is, by far, one of the most effective marketing methods that doesn’t cost you a dime.

It’s powerful, and it works. Best of all, it’s your work that speaks volumes.

When a customer becomes a ‘raving fan’, they’ll shout it from the rooftops, telling their families, friends, colleagues and anyone who will listen.

For this, you should reward them because they will most likely leave you great reviews and bring in new customers that have already seen your work and trust you based on the closeness of the person who recommended you.

Creating a loyalty program will keep them coming back for more, and it’s an excellent chance to up-sell more of your services.

Tip: make your loyalty program simple, effective and not full of terms and conditions.

Share your reviews and testimonials

This links back to word of mouth marketing. The only difference is, it’s online.

And nothing beats a good review. The more, the better.

When it comes down to it, people want to hear from those who have been there, done it, and got the experience.

Reviews are critical, so make them count.

Don’t be shy about asking people to give you a review. If you ask nicely, you’ll be surprised at how many people will.

You can do this in your email marketing, in your clinic, and wherever appropriate.

Post your reviews and testimonials on your website and anywhere you can.

To conclude


If there was ever a time to get your plastic surgery online, it would be now. It’s where the people are and where you need to be.

Having a strategic marketing plan will help you attract new prospects, turn them into loyal ones, and expand your practice on a global scale.

Talk to me today if you want some free advice.